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My Services

Having children is absolutely incredible, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Whilst it is one of the most important roles of your life, it is the one that people often feel the least prepared for. 

I provide consultations over the phone/ FaceTime, via text message/ WhatsApp and in person to help with any issues you may encounter on your parenting journey.

Advice, Support & Guidance on: 

• Preparing for a New Baby 

• Everything Pregnancy/ Prenatal Related 

• Postpartum Care & Support

• Breast & Bottle Feeding 

• Sleeping 

• Creating & Implementing Routines

• Weaning 

• Creating Healthy Eating Habits

• Teething

• Behaviour Management/ Tantrums

• Potty Training 

• Preparing for Siblings/ Sibling Rivalry

• Travelling with Children 


Please get in touch to book any of my services.
I would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests, or specific family needs.

Click on the words 'Contact Me' to fill out the Consultation Form and get started!


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