"I would absolutely recommend Amber-Rose. As a mum of three I never anticipated having to seek help for my third; I thought I would have it nailed but my 9 month old daughter had other ideas! My issue was three-fold: unable to get her off the boob and onto a bottle, frequent waking in the night and being breastfed back to sleep and finally getting her down for regular naps in the day. 

Amber-Rose’s help has been absolutely invaluable. Just having her at the end of the phone telling me to persevere or to try something new has been such a great help and it gave me confidence in what I was doing as before I would just give up if I didn’t think it wasn’t working. She has a very pragmatic and flexible approach to problem solving and I felt very comfortable with implementing everything she told me to do. My daughter adjusted really well. She was off the boob within 24 hours and sleeping through the night and napping regularly within the first few days. In just a week she is like a different baby. And I feel like I’ve got a bit of my independence back. I honestly can’t thank her enough."

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