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OCN Maternity Nurse Practitioner

Successfully completed training in:

•  The Health and Care of Newborns

•  Colic and Reflux

•  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

•  Sleep in Newborns

•  Routines

•  The Health and Care of Post Natal Mums

•  Breastfeeding - Positioning, Attachment, Expressing and Overcoming Difficulties

Childcare Diploma

Successfully completed training in:

•  The key features of child development and developmental needs of children 0-8 years, inclusive of individual and special needs

•  Providing for children's physical needs inclusive of health and safety

•  Learning through play for child development

•  Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and legal responsibilities of the childminder and responsibilities for working together.

Advanced Psychology Diploma

I'm fascinated by psychology and the human mind. Whilst this course covered social and cognitive psychology, it also focused on child developemt.
This includes issues in child development, cognitive development, social perception, development of language and communication, and moral development.

OCN OTC Sleep Training

Successfully completed training in:

•  Normal Sleep Physiology in Babies

•  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

•  Instilling Good Sleep Habits 0-3 months

•  Developing Good Sleep Habits 3-6 months

•  Behavioural Sleep Training Techniques from 6+ months

•  Stumbling Blocks to Success

•  Less Common Sleep Problems - night terrors/head banging/head rocking etc

First Aid Trained

Successfully completed training in:

•  Dealing with Emergencies 

•  First Aid Kits

•  Resuscitation for Baby & Child

•  Unconscious Casualty & Recovery Position

•  Choking

• Allergies, Anaphylaxis & Asthma

•  Bleeds, Burns, Bones & Fractures

•  Poisons, Stings & Shock

•  Head, Neck & Back Injuries

•  Seizures, Body temperature & coping with an unwell child

•  Meningitis, Diabetes & other medical conditions

Full DBS Disclosure

I hold a Basic Disclosure Certificate which is, and has always been clean.
This is reviewed every three years.

Please get in touch to book any of my services.
I would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests, or specific family needs.

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